UFO: Crash Landing 

Live performance of my piece UFO: Crash Landing by Ensemble Evolution for our US Sounds from the Treetops tour. Dedicated to The Treehotel in Sweden. 

Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University in Boston, MA // November 2013


Sonic Scenes from the Arnold Arboretum 

Inspired by the Adam DeTour's photos, Ensemble Evolution (Maria Finkelmeier, Jacob Remington, and Charles Martin) along with Matt Sharrock and Jeremy Barnett, created an improvised piece to conclude the "Sounds from the Treetops" concert.
Boston, MA // November 2013


By Philip Glass, scored for solo piano, arranged for keyboard percussion duo by Luis Rivera. With Stephen Kehner on his Masters Recital at New England Conservatory in Boston, MA
Jordan Hall // October 2013

Nattmusik Tour Video

A documentary style peak into life on the road with an Australian techie, Texan dude, Midwestern gal, Swedish diva, New Yorker turned Parisian, eager intern, loads of friends, and a talented camera man.
Filmed in the Swedish Lapland // June 2012 

Evolution Duo Live 

Premiere of Evolution Percussion Duo's program entitled "Compose. Perform. Inspire. New Voices in Percussion Music" - Seven new duo works by composers under 30.  
Studio Acusitcum: Piteå, Sweden // October 13, 2011

Dancing Lights  

Live performance of my piece Dancing Lights . Inspired by the stunning Aurora Borealis, this piece was written for Ensemble Evolution's Solstormen  tour in 2012. 
Palmgren Conservatory // Pori, Finland // May 2012

Clone, for the Blue Cone

My first attempt to compose for a non-percussion instrument! Dedicated to my great friend and duo partner, Angela Shankar, and inspired by the bright red tree house at the Treehotel. 
Lillan Theatre // Luleå, Sweden // June 2012


Recording of my piece Hittade for solo marimba and three percussionists. Performed with Charles, Jake and Christina! Published by EditionSVITZER 
Black Box Theatre, Studio Acusticum // Piteå, Sweden // February 2011

Echo, part III

This marimba trio was written for Ensemble Evolution specifically for the opening concert of our Piteå Percussion Repertoire Festival. 
Studio Acusticum // Piteå, Sweden // March 2011