Videos of Projects and Performances 

Waking the Monster with Masary Studios, 2015

Compose. Perform. Inspire. New Voices in Percussion Music, 2011

Hittade for marimba solo and percussion trio, 2011

Sounds from the Treetops Tour in Sweden Documentary, 2012

FrostBeat v.2 at the Frost Ice Bar, 2014

Metamorphoses, by Philip Glass in Jordan Hall, 2014

UFO: Crash Landing at the Arnold Arboretum, 2013

Multi-Perc and Loop piece, Alabaster, 2016

Kalnin's Rock Symphony in Paris with Baltic Sea Phil, 2015

Times Two Series Highlights, 2015

Illuminus Cubed at The Lawn on D, 2014

Nordlig Vinter // clusters & snow bells, 2014

Bird's Nest at PASIC 2013

Solstormen at You Are Here Festival, Canberra, AU, 2012