To Know No [PDF]

To Know No [PDF]


Instrumentation: Vibraphone (2), 5.0 marimba, 4.3 marimba

Duration: 9:00

Notes: Includes improvisation and optional sampled poetry

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This percussion quartet is based on Finkelmeier's large scale work with MASARY Studios commissioned by the Boston Center for the Arts (BCA) entitled "Know No." The original score, for eight percussionists and four vocalists, was premiered at the BCA's historic Cyclorama in March 2017. The work dissects the emotion one feels when hearing or stating "no," as an individual, minority, or society at large. The works were inspired by the gravity of the current political climate, as well as the massive, round, space of the Cyclorama, complete with a domed roof. The strange acoustics in the space resonated with the friction in our society, where one's words can be easily misinterpreted, ignored, or even silenced. The musical layers introduced in this piece are repeated and stacked in different ways, often leaving the listener and performer in a looping state - similar to how political rhetoric can leave a society frustrated and lost. Embrace the chaos, and then help each other find your way out.

This piece features the voices of 10 collaborating poets: Jourdan Christopher, Danielle Legros Georges, Tim Hall, Krysten Hill, Fred Marchant, Lauren Miller, “Mistah" Matt Parker, and Lily Rush

More about the Know No. premiere:

Cover Art by Elisa Hamilton