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Brutal Rhythm with Masary Studios at Hubweek's Immersion Festival

Masary Hubweek.jpg

As headliners for Immersion at HUBweek, Masary Studios presents “Brutal Rhythm,” an original music, dance, light, and video projection performance inspired by the brutalist architecture of Boston’s iconic City Hall. Performed inside a wall of stacked shipping containers at the center of The HUB, musicians and dancers interact with site-specific video projection mapping on the facade of City Hall, resulting in a united and bold statement that embraces grit, determination, and our defiant attitude.

About Immersion: Immersion, a 3-night experiential live arts experience, will take place Oct. 12-14th throughout The HUB, amongst shipping containers and geodesic domes, on stages big and small, and in unexpected locations. Featuring dozens of roving performances and experiences, including film screenings, performing arts, multimedia installations, light art, and immersive environments, Immersion is designed to awaken creativity and showcase innovative work and techniques at the intersections of art, science, and technology.

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