Clone Duo 

Angela Shankar and Maria Finkelmeier met as graduate students at the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, New York. Their contagious energy and love for dancing and pie brought them together as friends quite quickly. They played in numerous ensembles together at Eastman, and finally created a duo after many conversations of “we have to do something together!” years after their tenure in Rochester. Their premiere performance occurred in Northern Sweden in 2012, as a part of the multi-city Nattmusik Tour. Other engagements include performances in Paris at The American Library and art gallery le Pavé d'Orsay and a showcase concert with Ensemble Evolution at the Percussive Arts Society International Convention in 2013. Because of the limited repertoire for percussion and clarinet, the duo is dedicated to establishing innovative new programs, and is always willing to befriend a creative colleague.

The name "Clone" was initially the title of Maria's piece dedicated to Angela and the Blue Cone tree house at the Treehotel. After Skyping one evening while Maria was in Piteå and Angela in NYC, Charles (who was a bystander during the convo), exclaimed "is she your clone or something?!"

Yes, A & M are both brunettes with big smiles, always exuding positive energy, and dedicated to their craft. Might as well call it like it is.


August 2015
Tour in Boston and NYC with En Vokalist & En Cellist as Quartet Kalos

July 2014
Tour in Western Sweden with En Vokalist & En Cellist

November 14, 2013 // Noon 
Performance at the Indianapolis Convention Center for the Percussive Arts Society International Convention 
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November 10, 2013 // 10:30am
Family Workshop at the Arnold Arboretum with Ensemble Evolution
125 Arborway, Boston, MA 02130
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November 9, 2013 // 8pm
Performance at the Arnold Arboretum with Ensemble Evolution 
125 Arborway, Boston, MA 02130
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April 28, 2013 // 18:30
The American Library in Paris
10 rue du Général Camou 75007 Paris, France 
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April 27, 2013 // 21:00
le Pavé d'Orsay
48 rue de Lille 75007
Paris, France
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Clone, for the Blue Cone by Maria Finkelmeier
Four Icelandic Folk Songs by Thorkell Sigurbjörnsson, arr. Finkelmeier
Five Preludes by Sven-Erik Bäck
Corker by Libby Larson  
For Harper Lee by Maria Finkelmeier and Angela Shankar

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