Musical relationships take a long time to foster. I was reminded of this after a long conversation with a good friend/fellow female percussionist tonight. We both went to OSU, have similar taste in music, and a holistic approach to performance, touch, and interpretation. When we collaborate, many elements pertaining to the musicality and technique need not be discussed, as we communicate these things without knowing it. I feel this way about many of my musician friends, and it’s been fun to see some of those relationships take form here in Boston. Understanding a colleague’s musical language always takes patience...but mine as well go grab a beer in the meantime!

My first performance in Boston was on Jeremy Barnett’s Doctor of Musical Arts Recital at NEC. We performed a free improvisation, a duo by Dave Samuels, and the premiere of his composition for vibes/mallakat solo and percussion quartet called “Dreams of Progress.” Jeremy and I started improvising and playing together when I arrived in Boston, and I’m so happy with our duo! We are still learning each other's musical vocabulary, but are also brewing up some new collaboration ideas and I’m looking forward to see what we produce together in the future.

Listen below to our improvised piece!
Jeremy - vibes // yours truly - marimba 

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