Just after our Solstormen tour in Australia, Jake, Charles, and I were in a rehearsal/meeting/hanging in the studio discussing what we could do as a final project in Piteå. Sadly, we will be moving to different ends of the world in July (but don't worry, we'll be working together as much as we can well into the future!) To get the ball rolling, we began brainstorming and throwing out ideas about what is unique about Northern Sweden (so many things!) The aurora bourealis was the inspiration for our winter projects, and what is the opposite of an extremely dark night?...a completely white one! The midnight sun is a beautiful natural occurrence, and we knew we needed to take advantage of it. With that thought, plus our love of composing and improvising, along with the popularity of John Luther Adams "Inuksuit" in our minds, we came up with an idea to travel around Northern Sweden (Norrbotten) and perform concerts outside, late at night..."under the midnight sun"!

I decided to take on the project at the director and primary organizer, mainly because I was really passionate about the idea and could picture exactly what I wanted with each concert. Additionally, my good friend, Angela, wanted to come over and collaborate with us, and I saw this as a perfect opportunity! 

So...research, writing, translating, brainstorming, and cold calls commenced! The planning and creating phase has gone through many, many ups and downs, but I am so proud of the final product. I am so thankful for the support from the Kommuns (community governments) and organizations that are making the tour possible. It will definitely be a special 4-day event that brings together 4 unique and inspiring places in Norrbotten. We'll be filming the entire tour, and blogging/tweeting the entire time (thanks to my awesome intern, Henrik!) 

Detailed infomation about each event can be found on my ensemble's website HERE. To book a ticket for the Treehotel event go HERE. There will also be some promotional ads and articles in each community that I will post as they come.