Three months ago I was in Sweden, wrapping up 3 years of an unforeseen adventure. It was tough to leave, but exciting to anticipate what the future could hold. Two months ago I was living with my parents in Cincinnati, Ohio anxious and nervous for the future and the uncertainties it consumed. One month ago I was loading up a rental car ready to dive into what I hoped would be another wild adventure. Even though I’m staying on American soil this time, I’m sure this next chapter will be just as unexpected, engaging, and enlightening. (I shouldn’t say next chapter…I should say next “book in a series”. When I’m old and on sabbatical in a tiny village in Italy, I’ll have to write down some of those not-for-the-internet stories, along with what I have previously blogged about!) 

Now, I’ve been living in Boston, Massachusetts for four weeks. I moved here to accept a position at the New England Conservatory as the program manager in the Entrepreneurial Musicianship Department (a mouthful, I know). I had three Skype interviews while in Sweden, and one live interview when I returned to the States. I was elated to be offered the job! The department is only a few years old, and was initiated by a fellow Eastman graduate. The purpose of our office is to provide the students with the “real-life” business skills that are essential for success in a young musician’s career. I’ve called upon the skills acquired from my entrepreneurial endeavors the past few years, along with my internships and education from ESM, to help guide and advise the students. So far, it’s been a lot of fun to be in a creative environment that pushes me to be the best version of myself possible. 

I should also mention that I LOVE this city. It’s perfect for me. Big enough to be saturated with culture and diversity, but small enough for me to navigate on my own. I’ve been exploring, networking, and attempting to get settled while adjusting to a 9am-5pm schedule at the office. I have two great roommates (that I randomly met on Craigslist) and live in the best part of Boston there is – Jamaica Plain – known for its artsy atmosphere and supportive community vibe. 

I hope that my “Upcoming Events” list starts to fill-up soon. I’ve been lucky to meet up with some fantastic old colleagues as well as meet a lot of great new friends and musicians. Starting up in a new city is tough, especially after having some great roots and collaborators in the old one…but I’m up for the challenge! I just have to figure out what my voice will be in Boston, and who will want to listen to it. Check back – I’m sure there will be some exciting updates to come! 

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