Ambitious 'til the End

It's time to mark things off of the "must do before leaving Sweden" list! I can't believe that the end to this chapter is quickly approaching. We'll officially be leaving Piteå at the end of June (cancelled the lease on the apartment and everything!) My next adventure is TBD, but there are some exciting prospects. For now, I'm working hard on various projects here to make sure that everyday is a memorable one. Notable endeavors include Anna's recital next weekend, where we (Ensemble Evolution) will accompany her on a newly composed song. Anna's written lyrics based on the friendship all four of us have fostered over the past few years. I cried a bit during the first rehearsal, and I won't be surprised if I get choked up during the performance! We've definitely been through a lot together! 

Then, we'll take off to Stockholm for 3 days before heading to Vilnius, Lithuania for 8 days. We'll be in residency for a new music festival called The PROCESS. I'm also trying to organize a tour to Finland in May, and a big festival here in Norrland in June (details will be announced soon!) I'm working on a new piece for clarinet and marimba for this festival since one of my favorite people, Angela Occhionero, will be coming over to be apart of it! I am really excited about this visit and collaboration! 

It will be an exciting 3 months, I'll just have to remember to enjoy them and not work too hard!