Yes to Know No.

Months after the premiere of our ambitious "Know No." production, I continue to brainstorm/scheme/hustle to find a way to present the piece again. Months of work and creation went by so quickly in its three night run at the beautiful Cyclorama. 

The piece was the largest composition that I've ever tackled - which unfolded challenges and growth that could only be had when going through such an intense process. I've started to own the title of composer - and although I've been writing and performing my own tunes for years, I've never felt comfortable with the descriptor. It has always felt natural to write and perform my own music, but hearing the 12 person ensemble tackle 60 minutes of sound that came from my brain ... well, that is indescribable. 

The project brought Sam, Ryan, and I closer together as collaborators and family. I feel so fortunate to call them my brothers and creative partners. They were the ones to push me into owning the music, and I will always be grateful for their encouragement and support! There will be many more CRAZY Masary Studios productions in the future - stay tuned - the most exciting aspect of our practice is that it is ever changing. 

Until then, here's some behind the scenes snaps from the production!