September travels and reunions!

Writing from a cozy apartment in Oslo, I barely feel like I'm back in Nordic country! I'm visiting longtime friends and collaborators Charles Martin and Christina Hopgood, with a visit by Anna Larson (from Gothenburg). Charles, Anna and I live in Piteå together, and performed, cooked, laughed, and spent many hours together as Ensemble Evolution. When we all moved to opposite sides of the world, we knew it wouldn't be the end of making music together! Charles and Christina got married back in Australia, and after Charles earned his PhD he got a job at the University of Oslo. They just moved here 6 weeks ago! 

So, when I received an invitation to give a keynote and a few presentations at the Association of European Conservatories' International Coordinator's meeting in Krakow, Poland, I figured it was close enough to Norway to make a special stop :)

My time in Krakow was energizing, and laid a great foundation for productivity with the crew! Charles booked a studio and we spent two days just playing - no pressure or really specific goals - we just picked up mallets and started to play! Sometimes we would make up a story, or just give Anna a few words to sing, but other than that, everything was created on the fly. 

Looking forward to creating some projects with these special folks in the near future! 

In September 2016, we found ourselves on the same continent and decided to make the best of it! After being apart for three years, we went into a studio at the University of Oslo to lay down some tracks - and had a blast!