FrostBeat 2.0, in the kitchen

Working towards the next FrostBeat show has been a lot of fun! I've been making all new ice blocks, chimes, do-hickies, sound makers, and shapes for the concerts. I've discovered that various sized shoe box lids make fabulous molds for ice xylophone blocks, and I love playing with the depth and size to discover new tones. Adding food coloring has added another element of surprise when retrieving the instruments from the freezer! Our kitchen has become an ice instrument factory, with one round freezing in the morning, and one at night! We have to stock up in case of the inevitable showtime break! 

NECN did a great video piece on the event and the entire ArtWeek lineup, check it out: Center Stage: ArtWeek Boston 

Amy arrives in Boston this afternoon, and we'll begin rehearsing with the loop pedal on some warmer instruments, before moving into the space tomorrow morning. Hope to see you there! 

Thursday, 10/2, shows at 5pm, 6pm, 7pm 

Friday, 10/3, shows at 5pm, 6pm, 7pm