Fall Updates!

Making Noise in Boston, Volume 3
September 2014 
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Summer endeavors brought new ideas to old connections and exciting energy to new experiments! Now, I'm looking ahead to a Fall filled with more unconventional projects and cool collaborations. Hope to see you in person or online! 

Summer Recap

Make Music Boston kicked off the summer with a bang! The Boston Globe blew me away with their preview article and I'm so thankful for everyone who helped out! 
July brought travels to Sweden, Norway, Germany and Poland for work and play. Angela, Anna, Sanna and I created Quartet Kalos, after a successful and very special Double It tour. Then, I joined old friends of the Baltic Youth Philharmonic to perform and teach EUROPERA students.
The summer wrapped up with a lecture and discussion at Sebastian Mariscal's architecture studio presenting my works while discussing the need of more music/arts based spaces in Boston. 

Fall Highlights 

September 21, 10:30am - 6pm
We're reigniting the Percussive Arts Society Massachusetts Chapter with a day called "The Creative Percussionist." Join us at The Boston Conservatory! 

October 2 and 3, 5 - 8pm
Frost Beat v.2 
I've teamed up with the Frost Ice Bar and Artweek Boston once again to create 6 concerts of ice music. Amy Garapic will join me from Brooklyn to make the ice come to life!

October 11, 6 - 11pm
Illuminus on D 
The Lawn on D, Boston's new park dedicated to arts innovation, will become a stage for this project. I'll be performing a new work on a huge "sound pavilion" of steel and wood while a light artist illuminates the structure. 

October 13, 2 - 3pm
A Cymbal Jungle of Sound
Thirty Zildjian cymbals will be scattered around Evan's Way Park for the Fenway Cultural District's Opening our Doors Festival. Grab a pair of sticks and join us! 

October 25, 8pm
Illuminus Festival 
For Boston's first "nuit blanche" our team will present another performance of the layered production from earlier in the month! Stationed throughout SoWa this event will reimagine our city at night. 

November 12, 6:30pm
Panelist for BostonAPP/Lab 
What would a multi-faceted collaboration, emphasizing the creation of an arts commons look like -- either as a one-off event or as an operating framework? We'll be talking about it at the Boston Society of Architects. 

November 22, 10am
Charles Martin's Technology session at PASIC 
During this session, Charles will be introducing the function and use of his iPad instruments. We will premiere a new piece I've written for the apps and acoustic instruments. 

New videos!