Hey Marty

Last week, Adam came home from work and goes "Your bud, Marty, is on the radio with Dan Rae on Nightside. He just mentioned new programs and the parks "coming alive" this summer...I'm pretty sure he was talking about Make Music. YOU SHOULD CALL IN AND CHAT!"

Marty (Mayor Walsh) is supporting Make Music Boston with this quote: 

"I invite all residents and visitors of the City of Boston to 'Make Music' on June 21st in celebration of the Summer Solstice. Throughout many of our parks and public spaces, musicians will share their music in free performances for the enjoyment of all." 

and the Parks and Recreation Department is giving us access to 10 awesome locations. They've been great to work with! So, as I was making dinner in my PJs, Adam and I called the radio station about 30 times to see if I could say "thanks" to Marty. (for the record, I've never called in to the radio, even when I was a teenager being seduced by free boy-band concert tickets!) 

They finally picked up, asked me my name and location, and told me to turn off my speakerphone. Then I waited on the line while listening to the radio feed for about 5 minutes. All of a sudden, Dan Rae says "and now we'll hear from Maria in Jamaica Plain." THAT'S ME! 

We only chatted for a short moment - but we really connected, don't you think?!