Saturdays are a special day for me - I get to accompany Boston Ballet Adaptive Dance classes. I say that "I get to," because the students in these classes are very special little people. The students are young children and teenagers with Down's Syndrome, and I am continually amazed at their energy and distinct personalities, and impressed by the patience and dedication from the teachers. This is my second term playing for this program, and the teachers have started to involve me more and more...which, of course, I love! Now, in addition to laying down some beats (haha - hope you read that in a funny voice), I get to work with the kids for a few minutes in the middle of each class to practice counting rhythms and clapping to the music. We even do some improv where they are asked to respond to my dynamics, speed and groove. FUN! The classes happen from 8 - 10AM (yes, AM!) on Saturdays...which for most would be a deterrent, but I welcome the early morning. It means I get to spend an hour and a half at my favorite JP cafe, Ula, before heading to Zumba at noon (I like to dance too! Can't wait to get certified as a Zumba instructor in two weeks!). I arrive back home around 1:30pm, and stil have the entire day to plot ways to take over the world. 

I'm a pretty lucky lady to call this my groovy Saturday routine!